Greg and Tamara Montana have combined
Emerald Echo, Inc. and Heart Virtue, Inc.
Emerald Echo, The Story is about discovering your treasure within,
Unlocking Your Heart Virtue…is the treasure!
They give Key-Note Presentations Together and Individually;
Facilitate Authenticity Workshops;
Divine Partnership Cruises and Retreats for those seeking
Transformation from Addictions.
They’re also Trainers with Corporations who desire
“Authentic Cultures”
while elevating Successful Experiences. 


Download Your Pain is Your Credential...Unlock Your Heart Virtue Now!


$25.00 for the book only

Download Emerald Echo, Beyond this world there is a world I want... Now!

For just $10.00 more
we'll include the MP3 download of the story read by Tamara with sound effects.


Purchase the download of both for just $40

Soon to be published...

Tamara Montana’s first novel
Living on the Edge of Goodbye
shows us
how we can experience enormous pain,
loss and betrayal without having to end up a victim…
If we are willing…the cracking open of our hearts
can lead us to our gifts…unveiling
an extraordinary purpose for being here…
Leave in love…knowing love is never lost,
but patiently awaits your return.
                                                          Tamara Montana



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