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Professor Tamara Montana
Human Sexuality Teacher
for Psychology and Sociology 165
at Orange Coast College
(Formerly known as Professor Tamara Bowman)


Tamara runs her class a little like the Oprah Show…

For impact, Tamara encourages student participation in learning…

Tamara begins each class answering the student's anonymous questions from the Famous Sex Bucket!

As a Professor, Tamara Montana sets the mood at the beginning of each class with music by Marvin Gay. All her students chuckle when hearing the first song; “Let’s Get it On.” 
     She opens the semester with a quote from the Tao te Ching… “The sign of a great master teacher is not one with the most students, but one who facilitates the most masters…
     You are all masters…masters of your own education. I will be providing you with a plethora of insightful information on Human Sexuality in an entertaining format and non-judgmental atmosphere, but it’s up to you how much you learn. In your highest interest, I support you in learning as much as possible with full participation. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions openly and anonymously in this sex bucket I’ll be passing around.”
     Tamara holds up a silver bucket with sparkling stickers on it that read, Love in a bucket; Sex in a bucket; Kink in a bucket. “If you’ll notice, as you reach your hand inside, I’ve taped some soft tickling feathers to the inside of the bucket for your pleasure. I’ll begin each class answering your questions. So get ready…We are going to have a great semester learning together.”
     As the bucket is passed around, Tamara displays a cackling fireplace scene on the big screen behind her, “Sex can be like fire. In the right context…in the fireplace where it’s warm, glowing, enchanting and romantic…it’s beautiful. We are going to be talking about how great sex can be.
     That same fire can catch a hold of your curtains and burn your house down. We are going to be talking about how sexual abuse can be used to violate.
     As we know, fires can sweep through and destroy everything in its path. But, I want to encourage you with the fact that many times there are seedlings inside of foliage and trees that can be re-birthed through intense heat. And sometimes the foliage and trees will come back more beautiful and stronger than they ever were before the fire.
     So, if you have been hurt by sexual abuse, there are opportunities to re-establish new memories and neuropath ways to what was originally intended to be awesome. No one consciously chooses to be a victim, but you can choose whether you stay one.

     If we were to look at Human Sexuality like a diamond…it’s important to look at it from many different facets. I like to present a well rounded view, whether each facet reflects my personal opinions or not.
     Through a survey of sexual knowledge we are going to dispel some myths, as well as expose the complexities of intimacy in relationships. I urge you to hold true to your values, while allowing for another’s standards to be different.
     I use a format that has been proven to bring the text book alive by including my lecture with some video and guest speakers who share from their personal experience. Who better to present on the topic of transgender or transvestite, than a transgender and transvestite. Who better to convey the prevention of HIV/AIDs than someone who is living with the disease?
     We’ll be exploring how life is created and practices in childbirth. We’ll be talking about pregnancy prevention and how to protect yourselves; sexuality transmitted infections and treatments available, alternative lifestyles, sexual anatomy and much more.
     You’ll see DVD’s on the beauty of tantra love making, learn where your G-spot is and how important pleasuring yourself and your partner can be. You’ll also hear from our sex toy expert on the latest stimulating devises on the market.
     I have an extraordinary detective who tells of his experience tracking down sexual predators on the internet, as well as an undercover police officer who presents the realities of prostitution on the streets. You’ll learn what constitutes sexual abuse and hear from an expert at our local rape crisis center.
     We’ll have a panel on sado-masochism as well as an incredible ex-porn star who shares what the porn industry is really like and who runs it. We’ll hear from a Vietnam veteran who is paralyzed from the chest down share how the disabled are still able to enjoy an active sex life.

     My mentor and friend Dr. Mona Coates will share with us a study by Masters and Johnson that attempts to answer some of the causes for future sexual dysfunction. The study found there are three things that prevent healthy sexual function: a lack of knowledge, comfort and choice. By the time this semester is over, you will have the knowledge to make better informed decisions with a greater level of comfort regarding your sexuality.

Tamara Bowman with Legendary Dr. Mona Coates
(Former Sex Ed Teacher of 35 years)


 At the end of Tamara’s first semester one of her students approached, “Thank you Tamara for being the mom we wish we’d always had. You gave us the facts about sex and so much more without any judgment…thank you for teaching us.”
     Many shared their traumas of being sexually abused and Tamara always honors their pain and refers them to different therapists. She also address’ the deeper gnawing anguish some of her students bury inside.
     For example: One student anonymously wrote in the question bucket: I’m having a really hard time getting over the fact I had an abortion. How do I live with myself knowing I was a murderer?
     Tamara conveys, “Abortion is often times a very difficult choice to make and I’d like to offer another interpretation for you to consider. I’m going to paraphrase a powerful statement I heard Gary Zukov make one time…and that is… No one person on this entire planet has the power to stop life from happening on this earth. You may divert life from coming through your body, but life will continue. Whether it’s in your womb or another’s…life will go on. It doesn’t serve anyone for you to walk in judgment over decisions made at one point in time. Don’t condemn yourself now or ever…just because you find you’re in a different place to make another choice.”
     Silence permeated the forum for a moment, until one voice spoke out, “Thank you Tamara.”
“Your welcome. See me after class if anyone here needs further discussion.” Tamara appreciates the serious questions, and yet assures the momentum of her class with…more often than not, humorous inquiries.
One student anonymously asked, If I get semen in my ear will I go deaf?
When Tamara read the question out loud she said, “Huh?”
The students laughed as Tamara again said, “Huh? I can’t hear you…wait; I think I have semen in my ear. What the hell are you doing with semen in your ear?!” Ms. Bowman is also grateful for the comic relief and encourages her students to see a doctor anytime there is a question of unusual sex practices.

     When another semester of teaching was coming to a close…a reporter named Gwendolyn Driscoll at the local Orange County Register newspaper was made aware of Professor Montana's popular Human Sexuality class, “Would it be alright if we sat in on your class today and took some pictures?” The reporter asked.
“Sure…I’ve got our S&M panel joining us a little later. They are a great group! It will give you a good idea of how interactive our class is. We cover a wide variety of topics in Human Sexuality.”
“It sounds like it.” Gwendolyn raised her eyebrow.
After the interview Tamara asked, “Where shall I look for this article…any particular section of the paper?”
“Oh, this is going to be on the front page of the newspaper.” Gwendolyn answered.
“What? Really?” Tamara was surprised.
“Every month we like to highlight people who are making a difference in Orange County.”
“Should I be nervous?”
“Not you.” Gwendolyn assured.
“Let me introduce you to another teacher who’s been teaching this subject here a lot longer. I’d also like to give you Mona Coates number who taught Human Sexuality for thirty-five years. You might like to talk with both of them as well.”
“O.K. Tamara, but this story is really on the work you’re doing and the impact you have with the students.”
“But, I’m not the only one.”
“It will be fine…really.”

Sure enough…a couple weeks later the article came out on the front page of the newspaper…
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