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How would you like to hear those words whispered
from inside your own heart?
When we are open to hearing the truth that heals,
there is something authentic inside that awakens
“Like a Lightning Bolt of Inspiration”
and never dies…

Heart Virtue


Greg Montana
is committed to spiritual integrity and seeing that people live in alignment with what’s most meaningful to them.
Greg is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology with a Engineering Degree where he studied energy & quantum physics. He is the founder and author of Unlock Your Heart VirtueYour Pain is Your Credential. 
As a former monk of eight years,  Greg spent more than 15,000 hours in silent meditation. During that time, he studied the lives of heroes and found they all expressed a single virtue they were willing to live and die for.
Greg shares three main skills of heroes with his audiences. Heroes know who they are; They speak powerfully and beautifully and they make a huge contribution to humanity.
Greg and his wife Tamara facilitate many experiential presentations, workshops and seminars on how to master your own hero within by training your brain, and trusting your heart. At the foundation of their workshops, there is a process of identifying your very own Heart Virtue™ (like a unique fingerprint) that may have been hidden in a blind spot. Discovering your Heart Virtue  allows one to take a stand for what you believe in and experience a more authentic life with lasting fulfillment. They receive endless testimonies from participants who have gained clarity and confidence in discovering their purpose. Greg has trained entrepreneurs, psychologists, coaches, managers, ministers, Olympic Gold Medalists, and Academy & Emmy award-winning celebrities  who were at the top of their game asking themselves “what next!?”

Greg and Tamara’s passion is to live in a world where 6 billion people know their Heart Virtue. Their  dedication to the healing  arts  has  resulted in working with families  and couples in “Creating “Divine Partnerships” and corporations  in identifying  their “Authentic Culture” as their brand by understanding each individual's Heart Virtues™.

Tamara Montana
is committed
to authentic self-expression and innocence... and uncovering the the hidden treasures that lie within all of us.
As a Licensed Psychotherapist and a Heart Virtue Expert, Tamara shows us where we get stuck in relationships  and how to transcend the internal prison walls that prevent us from experiencing the intimacy we crave in ourselves and others. For fifteen years she has successfully coached individual adults, couples and abused children. Her passion is leading workshops with her husband Greg in strengthening “Divine Partnerships”  inside “Authentic Virtuous Cultures.” Having your authentic culture be your brand has  proven to enhance enormous  success and pleasure within healthy families, businesses and corporations. Their desire is to live in a world where 6 billion people are experiencing the joy of their Heart Virtue.

As a former Social Worker for eleven years, Tamara no longer wanted to be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, she wanted to be the fence at the top – so, she started teaching. For six years she was a College Professor of Human Sexuality. Thousands of students reported that Tamara’s healing and entertaining style of addressing sensitive topics, transformed their lives.
Tamara has written her first book (soon to be published): Living on the Edge of Goodbye… A Story of Hope, Healing and Encouragement after Betrayal.  A guide to leaving in love, knowing love is never gone, but patiently awaits  your return. In publication, Tamara is also featured in: Law of Business Attraction by Ruby Yeh, and in Seek the Lover Within Vol. 2 by Tuula Fai.

Tamara published her fourth book, a colorfully illustrated story for adults and children of all ages:  Emerald Echo, The Story…   A Unique Underwater Journey “Within” that Explores the Universal Truths  of Forgiveness, Your Heart Virtue and Freedom.  A Course  in Miracles made simple for families.
No matter what wall you find yourself up against, Greg and Tamara believe you have a spark of divinity built into your molecules that is compelled to make a major contribution.
Like a blueprint we are born with, this unique gift works through us and when we are living in alignment with it, invisible hands seem to assist our every effort…
This gift is hidden behind a blind spot. Revealing this theme will give you clarity about your specific purpose and the contribution that will be most rewarding to you.
At Heart Virtue we have the tools that will train you to live in alignment with that Hero by identifying your Heart Virtue and putting it to work in your life…



Our desire is to ensure that everyone we meet
clarity and confidence about who they are.
Know the contribution you want to make in the world!
Menu of Services
* Key Note Speaker
* 30, 90 and 120 minute Presentations
* Full-day Seminar
* 3 & 5 day Workshops
* Private Coaching and 30 day Retreat
Live Courageously in Your
Heart Virtue’s Authentic Expression!

Greg and Tamara Montana’s workshops, consulting services, and coaching programs are designed to empower the Hero inside every one of us. They’ve found that once people discover what is most meaningful to them, they can use that knowledge to create beautiful relationships, divine partnership and more fulfilling experiences from the inside-out …
Greg Montana
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Tamara Montana



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