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Heaven on Earth...

We are building a World-Class Entertainment
and Wellness Resort that will be one of the most innovative and spectacular destinations in the world...

Now with the latest technology, Dolphin Dynasty Resort is able to create the same resort you'll see in these PDF proposals below, but instead of caring for live dolphins, we are able to care for fish that are alive, while projecting animated (life-like) dolphins and mermaids swimming inside the dome aquarium. This will significantly reduce the prices you'll currently see in the shortened Private Placement Memorandum on my website. Take a look by clicking on these links. Please contact me to see the Dolphin Dynasty Resort that was created for the Sheikhs in Dubai.


Dolphin Dynasty's Resort in Las Vegas

(Images and digitally created graphics are only provided to simulate Dolphin Dynasty's Resort Designs)

Dolphin Dynasty's Majestic Project Overview

Dolphin Dynasty's Resort in Costa Rica

We are building a World-Class Entertainment and Wellness Resort
that will be one of the most innovative and spectacular destinations in the world…

Video from: Tamara Montana (formerly known as Tamara Bowman)




How the Dream Began

Emerald Echo
Close Encounter with a Dolphin named Princess
By: Tamara Montana

     Growing up with asthma, I required several trips to the doctors’ office
as a youngster. I struggled many times for the basic need of air in my lungs. It scared me to say the childhood prayer, “If I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take…” An unforeseen asthma attack could mean going back to where I came from.

     This begged the question from inside my curious and developing mind… Where did I come from? Why am I even here? Why is it so hard for me to breathe?

     Being petite, skinny and perceived as frail, I wasn’t first choice when it came to picking teams for athletic competitions. My “inhaler” was my best friend. It was my connection to this world. But… it wasn’t long before I didn’t care if I was connected to this world. I didn’t feel like I belonged.
I went through the motions of existing as my soul fell asleep. If I died before I woke, so be it…

     It wasn’t until after my first marriage and divorce at the age of nineteen that I discovered another world by going away to college. In leaving everything that was familiar, my heart and mind opened as I studied broadcasting journalism and dove head first into the study of psychology. What could possibly be revealed that would make life worth living? What makes relationships harmonious? Where was this life of abundance promised in the bible? I questioned everything, including God.

As I Felt my Soul Awakening from a Deep Slumber I could Breathe Easier

Through a process of deep internal inquiry and a release of stored up grief, my asthma nearly vanished.

I began to notice how magnetically drawn I was to dolphins. I studied and read every article I could find on dolphins. I quickly learned that dolphins love to play, eat and make love… Wow! If there was ever a creature on earth that embodied heaven, it would have to be dolphins. Then I learned of the healing and rescuing traits dolphins possess towards humans.


There was No End to the Stories of how Dolphins
Lovingly Impact this Planet.

     After graduating with a BA in Broadcasting Journalism and Communications, I went to work for the Orange County News Channel.

     I worked as an Account Executive for the station selling air-time commercials. Within a year, my sales reached a peak and I won a trip anywhere in the world I wanted to go. The news station paid for a “one round-trip ticket” to the place of my dreams.

Tamara (Left) with her sister Toni (right)

     I was on a cruise ship to Nassau, Bahamas to swim with the dolphins in a secluded lagoon. I had envisioned being in the water with dolphins for years… Now, my time had come to experience the reality of being in their presence. I was excited! I didn’t care if I traveled alone.
As fate would have it, I met some beautiful people along the way.

     A long speed-boat-ride took me and five other fellow dolphin lovers to our destination. We were guided across a high, wooden bridge over the lagoon. I could feel my heart pounding with anticipation.

     There was no guarantee wild dolphins would swim with me if they weren’t in the mood. Dolphins have the ability to read our heart-beat and usually won’t approach if it’s beating too fast…

     I slowed my breathing down
and sent them love from my heart…

One dolphin named Princess playfully studied me,
I think she knew I had traveled a long way just to be with her…


My Encounter with Princess…

     As I slipped into the water, it seemed as if nothing else existed in that moment but Princess and I…
She slowly swam towards me… the only thing I could see was her dorsal fin. I started to feel scared, and I reminded myself to breathe… Then, the side of her large muscular body rubbed against my stomach inviting me to play. I laughed from my belly… It felt like I was being transported to another dimension.

Time and space appeared to be suspended as Princess swirled around me in circles. She let me rub her belly and I experienced a joy I had never known before. The healing properties written about dolphins were true… the feeling of complete well-being ignited every cell of by body. Princess raised her sweet face out of the water and looked at me for seconds of what seemed like an eternity. The telepathic messages rang clear in my heart … “You are not alone… I’m here…” The deepest feeling of oneness flooded my heart as if I was a part of something much bigger than myself.
Dear God, to re-create this moment for others would allow us to remember Heaven on Earth…

     Princess’s care taker instructed me to hold my body perfectly stiff with my arms held out to the side. Princess put her forehead underneath the bottom of my feet and lifted me out of the water as if I were skiing. The exhilaration thrilled my soul to no end… I wanted to live in a wet suit with dolphins the rest of my life. It had been the most profound spiritual experience to that date. I had a knowing that if I died before I awoke… love would be there to embrace me, with the breath of God to sustain me.

I was twenty-six years old then, and I prayed for God to use me in creating a place where young and old alike could be healed from the illusion of separateness and know they are not alone… but “one” with all of creation.

     That is when the vision of Emerald Echo was birthed in my heart nearly twenty years ago… I earned my masters degree in psychology and worked as a senior social worker while I became a licensed psychotherapist and college professor.

I held the vision of being able to swim with dolphins in the wild and provide “Dolphin Assisted Therapy” for emotionally and physically challenged children and adults.
Research had proven they could make quantum leaps in their development. Emerald Echo would also be a place to remember who you really are and rediscover your purpose for being here… and a home where nature and mankind collaborate in a forever friendship.

Images of Building a Dome Shaped Underwater Restaurant; Surrounded by virtual Dolphins,
Poured into Me like Flashes on a Movie Screen…

Eventually Emerald Echo evolved into A “World-Class Entertainment and Wellness Eco-Resort”
And a Themed Destination of Higher Consciousness Experiences that
Sooths the Soul and Excites the Senses…

     A Multi-Million Dollar State-of-the-Art Underwater Restaurant surrounded by virtual pods of Dolphins and Mermaids; Dolphin Assisted Therapy with Dolphin’s in the wild; A Five Star Hotel and Condominiums; Monumental Celebrations; A Convention Center for Peace Talks/Transformational Workshops/Seminars/Team Building and Entertainment Venues; Private Membership Club; Consciousness Lounge; Day Spa/Salon; Art Gallery; Clothing/Jewelry; Adoptable plush toy dolphins. A feature film and novel is in the works to include characters who promote peace, forgiveness, compassion, cooperation, love, bliss and joy.

This vision remained only a dream on my own…

It wasn’t until I surrendered the dream back to where it originated in The Heart of God,
when my horizons expanded to the concept of Cooperative Business. Wow! The idea of “Team” meant I could work with gifted people who are aware of Emerald Echo’s Magnitude on our planet.

Emerald Echo is a Miracle to a Billion People’s Prayers.
Join us in making history that will globally impact
Our planet for generations to come…


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Surrounded by a Pod of Dolphins by clicking



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Let the Beauty
We Love…
Be what we do…
There’s a Thousand
Ways to Kneel
And Kiss the Ground…




Emerald Echo, Inc.
Tamara Montana
President & Founder
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