Have you ever dreamed
of a Fairytale relationship?
Then later came
to believe they
only existed in Disney movies?
How about a work environment
that was in alignment
with projects
and activities
that are the most meaningful
for YOU?
Greg and Tamara
for your next event
in “Creating Your Authentic Culture
with Heart Virtue!”
Imagine…Having a treasure map that leads you to the center of your heart! Then finding an ancient key that unlocks the secret you’re not only willing to die for, but willing to live for… 


Divine Partnerships
with Greg and Tamara Montana

Inside “Virtuous Cultures” with
at Home and in Business!
Zappos Virtue
Inside their
Billion Dollar Corporation…
Is a Culture of
Greg and Tamara
are Committed
to seeing You
Discover Your Unique
Heart Virtue
Inside Your Heroic Contribution
that is in Alignment with what’s Most Meaningful to You, your Family and Business…


Have You Ever Thought of a Whole New Innovative Way  of Expanding YOUR Environment?
Being Excited
to Get Out of Bed
Each Day
and Contribute
Your Humanitarian
Gift to the World?
of Happiness
was so inspiring that
Greg and Tamara
were moved to get engaged,
then later married 
in that kind of environment!

Getting hitched at Zappos


Zappos Newlyweds

In looking at the lives
of Tony Hsieh at Zappos, Google, REI, Richard Branson with Virgin Airlines, Apple and other companies,
 We saw them take their businesses from
zero profits
to making Billions,
without sacrificing the quality of rewarding relationships and Divine Partnership
along the way.
How would you like to step into your Divine being, then call that out in another? Having been through the pain of disconnection,
Greg and Tamara are committed to seeing that your relationship
is as divine and
fulfilling as the one
they have created
for themselves.



Greg’s Story:
At the age of 26, Greg owned a successful artificial intelligence company and had all the expensive toys of life that said “success,” but he was not fulfilled. He looked out his high rise office window one day and asked himself, "What do I want?" The answer was clear - "I want to know my soul." So he gave his business to his employees, and left it all behind to become a monk! For the next eight years he sought extensive spiritual training - logging thousands of hours in silent meditation.
During his years in the monastery, he studied the lives of heroes like Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King and discovered the three skills they all possessed that allowed them to make powerful contributions to humanity. These people lived their Heart Virtues - Mother Teresa was motivated by "Compassion," Gandhi was motivated by "Peaceful Liberation," and Martin Luther King was motivated by “Brotherhood.” These insights led Greg to create the Heart Virtues process, which introduces people to their hero and teaches them to live from the heart. Greg trains people to master these same three skills that these heroes of our time knew, so everyone can have the clarity and confidence to make their own powerful contribution to humanity.
Today Greg is known as the Quantum Monk, and he has trained entrepreneurs, psychologists, ministers, Olympic Gold Medalists, and Academy & Emmy award-winning celebrities in his Heart Virtue process.

Their Story: A new chapter in Heart Virtues began when the Quantum Monk met the Sexpert from LA Talk Radio. Greg & Tamara made history at Zappos in Las Vegas when Greg proposed to Tamara at the company’s corporate headquarters during a tour. They later got married at Zappos, setting another first for the company.
Together, they have taken the principles of the Heart Virtue programs into relationship training, and they have facilitated profound transformations. Greg & Tamara learned early in their own relationship that utilizing every aspect of the Heart Virtue trainings would forge an unbreakable bond between them. Imagine being able to listen to anything your partner has to say without taking it personally. Or building a trust so sacred that you can share with your partner that one thing you hide completely from the world—your unspeakable tabu? Greg and Tamara are committed to living in alignment with their own Heart Virtues and sharing with other couples their intimate experience with the principle that before you find the one, you must learn to be the one.

Tamara’s Story:
Tamara is committed to awakening authentic self-expression and uncovering the treasures that lie within all of us. As a licensed psychotherapist and a professor of human sexuality, Tamara has an entertaining style of addressing sensitive, sexual topics and has transformed lives. She brings a wealth of experience in love, loss, ancient wisdom and humor that will leave you with a new awareness of what is possible in your life. As an inspirational speaker, trainer, and Heart Virtue Expert, Tamara shows us where we get stuck in relationships and how to transcend the internal prison walls that prevent us from experiencing the intimacy we crave in ourselves and others. Tamara also wrote her first novel entitled: Living on the Edge of Goodbye... a story of hope, healing and encouragement after betrayal. Her first colorfully illustrated children's book: Emerald Echo - The Story - is a unique underwater journey within, which explores universal truths of forgiveness , your heart virtue and freedom.






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